•Non-toxic, water-soluble agent; neither harmful to the human body nor damaging to the ozone layer.

•Suitable for all classes of fire (Class A: combustible materials, Class B: flammable liquids/gas, Class F: oil and electrical fire)

•Simple agent replacement.

•Suitable for home & automotive use.

•ABS plastic adhering to vehicle regulations on outer bottle for ideal insulated protection.

•Magnetic feature for easy placement.

•Spray up to 2 meters

•0°C ~ 80°C range for thermal stability.



•Expiry date stated at the bottom of the agent bottle (July 2022)

•Spray duration up to 20 seconds (continuous/intermittent)


  • •Spray up to 2 meters

    •0°C ~ 80°C range for thermal stability.

    •Weight: 320g

    •Expiry date stated at the bottom of the agent bottle 

    •Spray duration up to 20 seconds (continuous/intermittent)

  • Exchange and Return 

    Brand new items purchased within 10 days are available for exchange or refund. Customers are to cover all returning and exchanging fees. All tags, certificates, warranties, care instructions, product labeling, authenticity cards, accessories, and boxes are to be intact and returned along with the merchandise. Opened, damaged or/and items purchased without an invoice may be denied for refund or exchange. 

    Sales/discounted items are not eligible for return.


    Defective merchandise

    The merchandise will be assessed by Saviore-Ziniz.com to determine whether the merchandise is defective. If the merchandise is determined to be defective merchandise, the customer will be entitled to exchange or a full refund.


    Saviore-Ziniz.com reserves the right to make the final decision on all return cases.


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